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Tripe sticks are a great natural dog treat that has been around for a long, long time. The reasons we believe that they are a great natural treat are below:

They are 100% NATURAL, that means that you get what you see – unlike most dog treats you will find on the supermarket shelves, these tripe sticks are totally free from artificial preservatives and colourants. A great alternative if your dog has issues with rawhide or any other pressed treats.

They are GRAIN & GLUTEN FREE, this means that if your dog has a gluten intolerance you are safe to feed these. The most premium dog foods are grain & gluten free, so why not feed your dog some premium natural tripe sticks?

RAW FEEDER? No problem, these are basically beef tripe that has been slowly air dried so they can be stored for up to 18 months.

They have been SLOWLY AIR DRIED, if tripe sticks are dried too fast or at too high a temperature, it can cause them to go brittle snap. Slowly air drying our tripe sticks means that they keep their flavour and increase chewy-ness. The tripe sticks that we supply have a shelf life of 18 months.

If you have ever bought some tripe sticks before, you will know that they certainly pack a punch in the odour department. This doesn’t bother most dog owners, but if you want a totally odour free or low odour treat, tripe sticks are not for you. However, dogs have a great sense of smell and so it usually humans, not dogs, that have an issue with the odour.


Crude Protein: 70.2%

Crude Fibre: 4.1%

Crude Oil & Fat: 2.7%

Crude Ash: 8%

Ingredients: 100% Beef Tripe

Country of Origin: India

Length: 4-6″


Weight 0.1 kg
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